Sri Lanka

Our experiences with churches, missionaries and para-church organizations over the years have taught us the value of committed, long-term, relationships with strong ministry partners around the world.

One of those partnerships is with Cherith International. Their work is to care for orphans, the poor and those who serve them.

Since 2006 our partnership has built a playground, an educational center and a children's home that loudly proclaims the love of Jesus in a land where not many have met Him.

"MissionGuides has been very instrumental in starting a new ministry in Sri Lanka by supporting the Cherith House of Hope and preparing teams to encourage and assist us there. It has done an excellent job of recruiting and training people who have accomplished much for us. Because of the teams and what they have done, our ministry has greater visibility in the community and has the tools we need to make a better future for some."

- Harry vanBurik, Director of Cherith International

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